Art Sustainability:

Art Sustainability is a relevant new concept. Similar to sustainable art which define a kind of art that is produced in  consideration of the impact on the environments (social, economic, biophysical, historical and cultural). It includes ideas of Open Innovation and Outsourcing.

Art through Sustainability project

by Rossella Vasta

"The Table of Silence"

In 2007 I have been working on an art project that embraces humanity and lets individuals reflect on the idea that we share the same space on earth and in a sense are invited to the same "Table". I have created 100 ceramic dishes of the same size using the technique of "mezzo ingobbio". A repeated image was realized on the white surface working with white glazing to reproduce a symbolic idea of the " banquet". White is the color chosen to represent silence. Silence allows us to perceive sound as it happens, and to perceive relationships between ideas. This table creates a poetic visual metaphor where visual and conceptual ideas are realized. The Table of Silence is a silent space to let people reflect, talk and express themselves. Silence is the condition necessary for listening. When we listen to others we make space for others and become tolerant. The repetition of the 100 dishes of tolerance becomes a meditative mantra. This recalls the idea of a never-ending body of individuals that are unified by the repetition of one. One hundred is one times 100 and this refers to the original Latin meaning of religion that is derived from "religere". The dishes become the offering to humanity and represent transcendental values beyond any religion. Silence becomes a sacred space with no religious discrimination. The idea that art can become an "offering" is reinforced by the fact that in each country that the table is exhibited in, five artists will be chosen to create ceramic dishes in the same format. These dishes will replace five dishes made by Vasta. In this way they will be "offering" their own dishes to the table. The table will end its journey once all the original dishes have been replaced. Thus begins in silence, a peaceful dialogue. In each country that the table is exhibited in, collaboration will occur with a local artist or an architect so that the installation becomes like a "host preparing the table for guests".

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2013 Table of Silence  Art Through Sustainability project
pro Mentoring USA Italia

2010 Interruptio
pro DAI Center, in città di Castello; to sustain a Health Center

2009 Canticle for a Child
pro Kiwanis, for the achieved goal of the realization of several schools in the Ivory Coast